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Cardiovascular, metabolic and Lipoprotein translation

Section edited by Nehal N. Mehta

This section aims to speed mechanistic understanding, development of novel diagnostics and potential therapeutic targets within cardiovascular, metabolic diseases and lipoprotein diseases. The section is open to experiments involving cellular models, animal models, observational studies and clinical trials that are distinguished for their novelty in approach, design or indication, timeliness, and unique ability to translate laboratory concepts from the bench to the bedside.

Highest priority will be given to those manuscripts which are specifically focused on cardiovascular, metabolic and lipid disorders which enrich understanding of disease mechanism, novel therapeutics and state-of-the-art scientific technique.

Featured articles

Transforming growth factor-beta 1 produced by vascular smooth muscle cells predicts fibrosis in the gastrocnemius of patients with peripheral artery disease
Duy M. Ha, et al

Combining patient proteomics and in vitro cardiomyocyte phenotype testing to identify potential mediators of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Roseanne Raphael, et al

Chronic, not acute, skin-specific inflammation promotes thrombosis in psoriasis murine models.
Jackelyn B. Golden, et al

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  1. The additive effects of obesity and metabolic syndrome on left ventricular (LV) maladaptive remodeling and function in hypertension are not characterized.

    Authors: Dominik Linz, Mathias Hohl, Felix Mahfoud, Jan-Christian Reil, Wolfgang Linz, Thomas Hübschle, Hans-Paul Juretschke, Claudia Neumann-Häflin, Hartmut Rütten and Michael Böhm

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2012 10:187

    Content type: Research

    Published on:

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