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Clinical translation

Section edited by Lana Kandalaft

This section aims to allow rapid communication of innovative early phase clinical trials, where novel scientific ideas are translated to the clinic. These include clinical trials that are distinguished for their novelty in approach, design or indication, timeliness, and unique ability to translate laboratory concepts from the bench to the bedside. Manuscripts are submitted typically at the time a clinical trial has gained full regulatory approval and is being initiated. No clinical results are required. These articles review the background, rationale, clinical design and approach, translational endpoints and expected outcomes of a new clinical trial in a scholarly manner, and provide the opportunity to investigators to share their views and clinical translation efforts with a wide audience at an early stage.

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  1. Content type: Protocol

    Ovarian cancer has no definitive second line therapeutic options, and largely recurs in the peritoneal cavity. Locoregional immune therapy using both interferons and monocytes can be used as a novel approach. ...

    Authors: Daniel S. Green, Ana T. Nunes, Virginia David-Ocampo, Irene B. Ekwede, Nicole D. Houston, Steven L. Highfill, Hanh Khuu, David F. Stroncek, Seth M. Steinberg, Kathryn C. Zoon and Christina M. Annunziata

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:196

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment regimens (DAAs) are well tolerated, efficacious but costly. Their high cost and restricted availability, raises concerns about the outcome of treatment in uninsured patients. ...

    Authors: Alexandra DeBose-Scarlett, Raymond Balise, Deukwoo Kwon, Susan Vadaparampil, Steven Xi Chen, Eugene R. Schiff, Gladys Patricia Ayala and Emmanuel Thomas

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:178

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    Tumor-associated (TA) autoantibodies, which are generated by the immune system upon the recognition of abnormal TA antigens, are promising biomarkers for the early detection of tumors. In order to detect autoa...

    Authors: Hai-Min Hwang, Chang-Kyu Heo, Hye Jung Lee, Sang-Seob Kwak, Won-Hee Lim, Jong-Shin Yoo, Dae-Yuel Yu, Kook Jin Lim, Jeong-Yoon Kim and Eun-Wie Cho

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:177

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research

    Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (IPA) is a life-threatening disease in immunosuppressed patients. Voriconazole is commonly used to prevent and treat IPA in the clinic, but the optimal prophylactic antifungal ...

    Authors: Taotao Wang, Tao Zhang, Ti Meng, Ying Li, Lu Chen, Qianting Yang, Haiyan Dong, Jin’e Lei, Limei Chen and Yalin Dong

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:157

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Review

    Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) is a highly heterogeneous subtype of breast cancer that lacks the expression of oestrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. Al...

    Authors: Zehuan Li, Yiran Qiu, Weiqi Lu, Ying Jiang and Jin Wang

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:147

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Research

    Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is the most common form of inherited retinal dystrophy presenting remarkable genetic heterogeneity. Genetic annotations would help with better clinical assessments and benefit gene th...

    Authors: Xue Chen, Xunlun Sheng, Yani Liu, Zili Li, Xiantao Sun, Chao Jiang, Rui Qi, Shiqin Yuan, Xuhui Wang, Ge Zhou, Yanyan Zhen, Ping Xie, Qinghuai Liu, Biao Yan and Chen Zhao

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:145

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research

    Hairless mice have been widely applied in skin-related researches, while hairless pigs will be an ideal model for skin-related study and other biomedical researches because of the similarity of skin structure ...

    Authors: Yu-Min Liu, Wei Liu, Jun-Shuang Jia, Bang-Zhu Chen, Heng-Wei Chen, Yu Liu, Ya-Nan Bie, Peng Gu, Yan Sun, Dong Xiao and Wei-Wang Gu

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:141

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research

    Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) have great potential in both basic research and clinical application for the managements of cancer. However, the complicated fabrication processes and expensive materials of the ...

    Authors: Chaogang Yang, Nangang Zhang, Shuyi Wang, Dongdong Shi, Chunxiao Zhang, Kan Liu and Bin Xiong

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:139

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research

    Cathepsin K is an attractive therapeutic target for diseases in which bone resorption is excessive such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis (OA). The current paper characterized the pharmacological profile of t...

    Authors: Erik Lindström, Biljana Rizoska, Ian Henderson, Ylva Terelius, Markus Jerling, Charlotte Edenius and Urszula Grabowska

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:125

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Review

    Historically, research and development (R&D) in the pharmaceutical sector has predominantly been an in-house activity. To enable investments for game changing late-stage assets and to enable better and less co...

    Authors: Alexander Schuhmacher, Oliver Gassmann, Nigel McCracken and Markus Hinder

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:119

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research

    This study aimed to establish an effective predictive nomogram for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with chronic hepatitis B viral (HBV) infection.

    Authors: Shulin Chen, Yanzhen Lai, Zhengqiang He, Jianpei Li, Xia He, Rui Shen, Qiuying Ding, Hao Chen, Songguo Peng and Wanli Liu

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:116

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Review

    Successful oncological drug development for bone and soft tissue sarcoma is grossly stagnating. A major obstacle in this process is the lack of appropriate animal models recapitulating the complexity and heter...

    Authors: Wan Lu, Tu Chao, Chen Ruiqi, Su Juan and Li Zhihong

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:107

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Meeting report

    As part of the 2017 Melanoma Bridge congress (November 30–December 2, 2017, Napoli, Italy), the great debate session featured counterpoint views from leading experts on three contemporary controversial clinica...

    Authors: Paolo A. Ascierto, Corrado Caracò, Jeffrey E. Gershenwald, Omid Hamid, Merrick Ross, Ryan J. Sullivan and Igor Puzanov

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:101

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research

    Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) occurs in 3–5% in about 30% of cases no cause can be found. Women with RPL show higher prevalence of undiagnosed gut disorders. Furthermore, in endometrial tissues of RPL women, ...

    Authors: C. Tersigni, S. D’Ippolito, F. Di Nicuolo, R. Marana, V. Valenza, V. Masciullo, F. Scaldaferri, F. Malatacca, C. de Waure, A. Gasbarrini, G. Scambia and N. Di Simone

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:102

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research

    ALK rearrangement-advanced NSCLC patients respond to crizotinib. ALK rearrangement is currently determined with RT-PCR. VENTANA IHC is a standard method to identify ALK protein overexpression in NSCLC; however, V...

    Authors: Chun-wei Xu, Wen-xian Wang, Yan-ping Chen, Yu Chen, Wei Liu, Li-hua Zhong, Fang-fang Chen, Wu Zhuang, Zheng-bo Song, Xiao-hui Chen, Yun-jian Huang, Yan-fang Guan, Xin Yi, Tang-feng Lv, Wei-feng Zhu, Jian-ping Lu…

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:93

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research

    Articular cartilage degeneration plays a key role in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis (OA). Bushenhuoxue formula (BSHXF) has been widely used in the treatment of OA in clinics. However, the molecular mechani...

    Authors: Ping-er Wang, Lei Zhang, Jun Ying, Xing Jin, Cheng Luo, Shibing Xu, Rui Dong, Luwei Xiao, Peijian Tong and Hongting Jin

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:72

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research

    Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) characterized by chronic inflammation of colon. It is commonly believed that the imbalance of immune system and overwhelming production of ...

    Authors: Baoren Zhang, Yi Liu, Xu Lan, Xiaoxi Xu, Xiaoning Zhang, Xiang Li, Yiming Zhao, Guang Li, Caigan Du, Shanzheng Lu and Hao Wang

    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2018 16:71

    Published on:

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