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Translational Process

Section edited by Marina Boccardi

© smolaw11 / stock.adobe.comThe Translational Process section welcomes contributions aimed to streamline the transition of new knowledge along the translational continuum, and boost our ability to concretely innovate clinical practice. 

This section aims to provide a platform for questions on whether we dispose of well-defined translational methods; how such methods can be co-defined with relevant stakeholders (incorporating their needs, requirements, and constraints at all development steps); how new methods can be implemented among academic researchers; how we can dynamically assess the quality of our proceeding, monitor our action, and adjust it as needed, limiting waste and attrition; and how can we capture and protect the translational process from the wider range of conflicts of interest scattered on its route. 

The Translational Process section dedicates a space to those who tackle such challenges overcoming the boundaries of individual disciplines, and offers a new opportunity to share and accelerate the development of urgently needed methods, tools and procedures.