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Molecular mimicry in human diseases

Guest Editors: 
Prof. Luigi Buonaguro, PhD, National Cancer Institute Pascale, Naples IT 
Prof. Jamie Rossjohn, PhD, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Australia 

Submission Status: Open until 15 December 2024

Fibrosis and Cancer Intersection

Guest Editors: 
Monica Pernia Marin, MD, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA

Professor Mary Salvatore, MD, MBA, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, USA

Submission Status: Closed

"Planeterranean" Diet: Globally Extending the Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

Guest Editors:
Luigi Barrea:
 Federico II University Naples, Italy
Salvatore Nesci: University of Bologna, Italy
Prisco PiscitelliUniversity of Naples Federico II, Italy
Laura Soldati: University of Milan, Italy
Claudia VetraniUniversity of Naples Federico II, Italy

Submission Status: Open until 30 June 2024