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Volume 15 Supplement 4

Proceedings of the 5th Annual United States Army Institute of Surgical Research Summer Undergraduate Research Internship Program 2017

Meeting abstracts

"The publication of this supplement was funded by the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research. The Supplement Editors declare no competing interests.

San Antonio, TX, USA

Edited by Lauren Cornell and Whitney Greene 

  1. Authors: Ryan Leone, Katie J. Jensen, Claire Abijay, Troy Dolmetsch, Natalie Koons, Daniel N. Darlington, Andrew P. Cap, Xiaowu Wu, Christopher P. Delavan, Maryanne C. Herzig, Barbara A. Christy, Kelley M. Kempski, August N. Blackburn, Robert A. De Lorenzo, Megan B. Blackburn, Matthew C. Donald…
    Citation: Journal of Translational Medicine 2017 15(Suppl 4):222

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