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Table 2 Clinical trials using stem/progenitor cell-based therapeutics in RD

From: Progress of stem/progenitor cell-based therapy for retinal degeneration

Cell therapy Identifier Phase Institution Location Principal investigator Study start date Study status Diseases and enrolment Single dose Months of follow-up Intervention Safety issues Visual acuity and number of patients Other trials
Improved Stable Decreased
hRPCs NCT02320812 I/IIa jCyte California, US Henry Klassen June 2015 Ongoing but not enrolling patients 28 RP 500,000 –3,000,000 cells 12 Intravitreal No data No data No data No data ReNeuron (Boston: Phase I/II, 15 RP)
ESCs → RPE NCT01345006 I/II Advanced Cell Technologies California, US Steven Schwartz April 2011 Completed 9 SMD 50,000–150,000 cells 22 Subretinal None 10 7 1 Pfizer [London: Phase I, 10 AMD (wet)]
NCT01344993 9 AMD (dry)
NCT01625559 I CHABiotech Seoul, South Korea Won Kyung Song September 2012 Unknown 2 SMD 50,000 cells 12 Subretinal None 3 1 None
NCT01674829 I/IIa 2 AMD (dry)
NCT02286089 I/II Cell Cure Neuroscience Jerusalem, Israel Ytzhak Hemo April 2015 Enrolling patients 15 AMD (dry) 50,000–500,000 cells 12 Subretinal No data No data No data No data
iPSCs → RPE UMIN000011929 I RIKEN Kobe, Japan Masayo Takahashi September 2014 Suspended 1 AMD (wet) 1.3 mm × 3 mm RPE sheet 12 Subretinal None None 1 None National Eye Institute (Preclinical, AMD)
BM-MSCs NCT01068561 I University of Sao Paulo São Pauloin, Brazil Rubens C Siqueira May 2009 Completed 3 RP and 2 cone-rod dystrophy 10,000,000 cells 10 Intravitreal None 4 1 None Red de Terapia Celular (Spain: Phase I, 10 RP); Al-Azhar University [Egypt: Phase I/II, 1 AMD (dry)]
NCT01560715 II January 2011 Completed 20 RP 12 20 (transitorily) None None
BM CD34+ cells NCT01736059 I University of California, Davis California, US Susanna S Park July 2012 Enrolling patients 6 RD or ischaemic disorders 3,400,000 cells 6 Intravitreal None 6 None None