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Fig. 2

From: Phase I clinical trial of autologous NK cell therapy using novel expansion method in patients with advanced digestive cancer

Fig. 2

Expansion and NK purity dynamics of PBMCs obtained from 14 patients. a Fold expansion of total cell and NK cell population (CD3CD56+ cell) during the culture period. Dots represent mean values of each patient in triplicate cultures. Horizontal bars indicate median values. b Relation of NK cell expansion fold and cytotoxic activity of PBMCs. Expansion fold of NK cells in the first culture significantly correlated with cytotoxic activity of PBMCs at baseline (ρ = 0.661, p = 0.044). PBMCs peripheral blood mononuclear cells. c The purity of NK cell population (CD3CD56+ cell) at baseline and 21 or 22 days after the initiation of the culture

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