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Figure 6

From: Leukemia cells induce changes in human bone marrow stromal cells

Figure 6

IL-17 signaling-related cytokine levels increase in supernatants from BMSCs co-cultured with leukemia cells: comparison of the effects of BMSCs from 3 different donors. BMSC mono-culture (black bars), TF1 (1), TF-1a (2) and K562 (3) leukemia cell (LC) mono-culture (white bars) and CD34+ cell mono-culture (grey bars), BMSC/leukemia cell transwell co-culture (black and white stripped bars) and BMSC/CD34+ cell transwell co-culture (black and grey stripped bars) supernatants were harvested after 48 h. The relative expression of selected cytokines was measured using array protein panel A (R&D System) immunobloting assay. The relative amounts of IFN-γ, CD40L, CCL2 and IL-8 were calculated as a mean pixel density after normalization with positive control and background subtraction. The sample labeling legend is at the top right. The results of 3 experiments with BMSCs from three healthy donors (BMSC006, BMSC002 and BMSC003) are shown.

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