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Table 3 Summary of clinical trials with NGF on skin ulcers

From: Nerve growth factor: from the early discoveries to the potential clinical use

Disease Study type NGF type and dosage Delivery route Outcome Side effects References
Diabetic foot ulcers Three patients case report. Mouse NGF. 25 μg/day for 4 weeks. Topical (skin). Progressive restoration of nerve function and relapse of ulcers within 5–14 weeks since the beginning of treatment. Not reported. [154]
Vasculitic ulcers Eight patients case report. Mouse NGF. 50 μg/day for 4 weeks. Topical (skin). Ulcers healing within 8 weeks in rheumatoid arthritis patients (n=4). Failure of ulcers healing in systemic sclerosis patients (n=4). Not reported. [155]
Pressure ulcers Single patient case study. Mouse NGF. Topical (skin). Ulcer size reduced by 1/3 after 15 days treatment. Not reported. [156]
  Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Mouse NGF. Topical (skin). Reduction of ulcer area in the 6 weeks follow-up. Not reported. [157]
Lower limb crush syndrome Single patient case study. Mouse NGF. 10 μg every eight hours for seven days. Subcutaneous. Reduction of overall ischemic area. Reduction of the area undergoing calcaneal escharotomy. Not reported. [158]