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Table 1 NcRNAs mediating angiogenesis in lung cancer

From: Non-coding RNAs in lung cancer: emerging regulators of angiogenesis

NcRNAs Expression Target gene and pathway Angiogenic Effect Type of lung cancer References
miR-29c Down-regulation VEGFA Inhibits LUAD [39]
miR-519c Down-regulation HIF-1α/VEGFA axis Inhibits NSCLC [40]
let-7b/miR-126 Down-regulation VEGFA Inhibits NSCLC [41]
miR-145-5p Down-regulation CP Inhibits LUAD [42]
miR-320b Down-regulation HNF4G Inhibits NSCLC [43]
miR-497 Down-regulation HDGF and VEGFA Inhibits NSCLC [51]
miR-141 Up-regulation KLF12 and GAX Activates SCLC, NSCLC [54, 55]
miR-619-5p Up-regulation RCAN1.4 Activates NSCLC [56]
LINC00173 V1 Up-regulation miR-511-5p/VEGFR axis Activates LUSC [60]
lncRNA MCM3AP-AS1 Up-regulation miR-340-5p/KPNA4 axis Activates NSCLC [61]
linc00665 Up-regulation YB1/VEGFA axis Activates LUAD [62]
lncRNA TNK2-AS1 Up-regulation STAT3/VEGFA axis Activates NSCLC [63]
linc00941 Up-regulation miR-877-3p/VEGFA axis Activates NSCLC [67]
lncRNA F630028O10Rik Up-regulation miR-223-3p/VEGFA axis and VEGFR2 Activates NSCLC [68]
lncRNA FBXL19-AS1 Up-regulation miR-431-5p/RAF1 axis Activates NSCLC [69]
lncRNA CCAT1 Up-regulation N/A Activates LUAD [70]
lincRNA-p21 Up-regulation N/A Activates NSCLC [72]
circ_0006988 Up-regulation miR-491-5p/MAP3K3 axis Activates NSCLC [73]
circ_0016760 Up-regulation miR-29b/HIF1α axis Activates NSCLC [74]
miR-942 Up-regulation FOXO1 Activates LUAD [75]
miR-31 Up-regulation FOXO3a Activates NSCLC [79]
miR-206 Down-regulation VEGFA/CCL2 Inhibits NSCLC [79]
miR-1 Down-regulation VEGFA/CCL2 and MPL Inhibits NSCLC [79, 83]
miR-210 Up-regulation JAK2/STAT3 signaling and TET2 Activates NSCLC [79]
miR-224 Up-regulation SIRT3/AMPK axis Activates NSCLC [80]
miR-103a Up-regulation PTEN Activates NSCLC [81]
miR-128 Down-regulation VEGFC Inhibits NSCLC [82]
miR-200b Down-regulation QKI/CCND1 axis Inhibits NSCLC [85]
miR-192 Down-regulation IL-8, ICAM and CXCL1 Inhibits LUAD [86]
miR-494 Up-regulation PTEN Activates NSCLC [87]
miR-21 Up-regulation STAT3/VEGF axis Activates N/A [88]
miR-23a Up-regulation PHD1 and PHD2 Activates NSCLC [89]
lncRNA EPIC1 Up-regulation Ang2/Tie2 axis Activates NSCLC [91]
lncRNA GAS5 Down-regulation miRNA-29-3p/PTEN axis Inhibits NSCLC [92]
  1. This table summarizes the dysregulation of miRNAs, lncRNAs, and circRNAs involved in lung cancer angiogenesis and their targets