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Table 1 Results of multivariable Cox regression for overall survival

From: Multimodal data analysis reveals that pancreatobiliary-type ampullary adenocarcinoma resembles pancreatic adenocarcinoma and differs from cholangiocarcinoma

Variable HR (95% CI) P value
Adjuvant chemotherapy: for CHOL (vs for PAC) 7.24 (1.28–40.78) 0.025
Sex: male (vs female) 1.32 (0.36–4.76) 0.67
Histologic grade: moderately to poorly (vs moderately) 2.25 (0.43–11.90) 0.34
  1. CHOL cholangiocarcinoma, PAC pancreatic adenocarcinoma, HR hazard ratio, CI, confidence interval