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Table 2 The activating receptors of NK cells

From: Natural killer cells: a promising immunotherapy for cancer

Receptors CD Structure Ligand Signal molecule Chromosome
2B4 CD224 Ig monomer CD48 ITSM, SAP 1q23.1 [107]
KIR2DS1 CD158h Ig monomer HLA-C, N77/N80 DAP12 19q13.4 [97]
KIR2DS2 CD158j Ig monomer Unknown DAP12 19q13.4 [111]
KIR2DS4 CD158i Ig monomer HLA-Cw4 DAP12 19q13.4 [66]
KIR3DS1 CD158e2 Ig monomer Unknown DAP12 19q13.4 [112]
KIR2DL4 CD158d Ig monomer HLA-G FcεRIγ 19q13.4 [113]
NKp46(NCR1) CD335 Ig monomer HV FcεRIγ, CD3ζ 19q13.4 [78]
NKp44(NCR2) CD336 Ig monomer HV DAP12 6p21.1 [100]
NKp30(NCR3) CD337 Ig monomer Pp65, BAT-3, B7-H6 FcεRIγ, CD3ζ 6p21.3 [100]
FCGR3(FcγRIII) CD16 Ig monomer IgG FcεRIγ, CD3ζ 1q23 [114]
DNAM-1 CD226 Ig monomer CD112, CD155 Protein kinase C 18q22.3 [115]
SLAMF7 CD319 Ig monomer CRACC ITSM, EAT2 1q23.1–4 [116]
SLAMF6 No Ig monomer NBT-A ITSM 1q23.2 [117]
TACTILE CD96 Ig monomer CD112, CD155 Unknown 3q13-q12.2 [118]
CD27 CD27 Ig monomer CD70 TRAF2, TRAF5, SIVA 12p13 [119]
CD94-NKG2C(KLRD1-KLRC2) CD159c C lectin heterodimer HLA-E DAP12 12p13 [120]
CD94-NKG2E No C lectin heterodimer HLA-E DAP12 12p13 [120]
NKG2D(KLRK1) CD314 C lectin heterodimer ULBP1-4, MICA/B DAP10 12p13 [87]
NKp80(KLRF1) No C lectin heterodimer AICL Unknown 12p13.2-p12.3 [79]