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Table 2 Clinical outcomes of the entire population to checkpoint inhibitors immunotherapy

From: Basal and one-month differed neutrophil, lymphocyte and platelet values and their ratios strongly predict the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors immunotherapy in patients with advanced BRAF wild-type melanoma

Clinical outcomes Patients, n (%)
ORR 114 (41.9)
SD 40 (14.7)
DCR 154 (56.6)
PD 118 (43.4)
PFS, median [IQR] 10 [6–15]
OS, median [IQR] 29 [22–43]
  1. ORR overall response rate, SD stable disease lasting 6 months or more, DCR disease control rate (major responses + SD lasting 6 months or more), PD progressive disease (non-responders + SD lasting less than 6 months), PFS progression free survival, OS overall survival