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Table 1 Isolation methods for exosomes

From: Exosomes as bio-inspired nanocarriers for RNA delivery: preparation and applications

Isolation procedures Mechanisms Drawbacks Profits Refs.
Size-exclusion chromatography Size Lack of specificity High recovery [58]
Ultracentrifugation Size and sedimentation properties or density Low recovery, large sample volume, long duration Gold standard, high purities [30]
Microfluidics Size and density Complexity of device, low throughput Easy to automate, convenient, low cost, and fast [59]
Immunoaffinity Affinity purifications Restricted use, low yield, high cost High purity and specificity [60]
Ultrafiltration Molecular weight and size Difficult scaling High recovery, fast/simple operation [61]
Polymer coprecipitation Surface charges Complex scaling, lack of specificity User-friendly and easy processing [62]
Field-flow fractionation Molecular weight and size Needs fractionation equipment, long duration Wide variety of eluents, broad separation range [54]