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Table 1 File types uploaded to mapMECFS, including data file (e.g., processed data), phenotype file (e.g., clinical data), results file (e.g., summary statistics), and support file (e.g., link to publication)

From: mapMECFS: a portal to enhance data discovery across biological disciplines and collaborative sites

File type Description Examples
Data file Processed data containing sample-level values as columns and molecules as rows. The header for each column should match the participant ID in the phenotype file. Only one data file can be uploaded per dataset Gene expression counts
Methylation signal intensities
Metabolomics mass spectrometry peak heights
Phenotype file Subject-level clinical values with participant ID matching that in the data file. Only one phenotype file can be uploaded per dataset Case–control status
Relevant covariates
Results file Summary statistics and other analysis output generated by the user, with statistics reported for each molecule Wilcoxon-rank sum summary statistics with p-values and adjusted p-values
Supporting file Additional documentation of experimental procedures or supporting material. Supporting documentation is recommended to provide users with a better understanding of the experiment generating the dataset Standard operating procedures describing the dataset generation in more detail
Hyperlinks to publications using the data included in the dataset
Data dictionary