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Table 4 Patient-reported strengths of move to health for chronic low back pain

From: Move to health-a holistic approach to the management of chronic low back pain: an intervention and implementation protocol developed for a pragmatic clinical trial

Major themes regarding M2H program design
 Accountability (routine check-ins, weekly communication)
 SMART Goal setting
  General guidance
  Receipt of feedback/advice during the process
  Open-ended and patient-driven, rather than provider-directed goals
Skills and qualities of the health coach
 Good listener
 Articulate and good at communicating
 Wonderful personality
Participants attributed some of their successes to finding joy, committing to change, incorporating activities that interested them, the use of instructional apps, and writing down thoughts and goals to reflect upon as reminders for motivation and commitment. Some participants mentioned that M2H allowed them to notice patterns in their life that related to their back pain and explore novel approaches for coping with it