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Table 2 Negative BOLD volume of activation

From: Cannabidiol has a unique effect on global brain activity: a pharmacological, functional MRI study in awake mice

  1. This Table is a truncated list of 50 out of 138 brain areas ranked in order of their significance for change in negative BOLD volume of activation. Reported is the median number of voxels significantly activated 10 min post injection of vehicle (0), 3, 10 and 30 mg/kg I.P. doses of CBD. Show are p values and effect size (omega square ω2) for each brain area. The significance level for FDR was p ≤ 0.073. The areas highlighted in gold are the olfactory bulb and prefrontal cortex. Areas highlighted in green are localized to the hindbrain brainstem, and cerebellum. The brain areas highlighted in blue are located along the rostral/caudal axis between the forebrain and hindbrain