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Table 1 Ongoing clinical trials as of April 18th, 2020, of vitamin D in the prevention and treatment of human diseases

From: The importance of vitamin d metabolism as a potential prophylactic, immunoregulatory and neuroprotective treatment for COVID-19

Study Year Disease Title Role Dose of vitamin D Status Country Trial ID#
1 2020–2020 COVID-19 Vitamin D on Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Prevention, Treatment A single 25,000 IU NEW: Not yet recruiting Spain NCT04334005
2 2020–2021 COVID-19 A study of hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc for the Prevention of COVID-19 infection Prevention, treatment Not available New: Not yet recruiting USA NCT04335084
3 2020–2021 COVID-19 A study of quintuple therapy to treat COVID-19 Infection Prevention, treatment Not available New: Not yet recruiting USA NCT04334512
4 2020–2020 COVID-19 Proflaxis using hydroxychloroquine plus vitamins-zinc during COVID-19 pandemia Prevention, treatment Not available New: recruiting Turkey NCT04326725
5 2020–2024 Respiratory infection Daily vitamin D for sickle-cell respiratory complications Prevention 3333 IU daily and 100,000 IU monthly New: Not yet recruiting USA NCT04170348
6 2010–2020 Respiratory infection LungVITamin D and OmegA-3 Trial  Prevention, treatment 2000 IU daily Active USA NCT01728571
7 2018–2020 Respiratory infection Maintain respiratory muscle function and reduce pneumonia risk in cancer patients Prevention Calcitriol, 0.25 µg/daily Active USA NCT03469271
8 2018–2023 Respiratory infection Vitamin D in the prevention of viral-induced asthma in preschoolers Prevention 100,000 IU at baseline, followed by 400 IU daily Active Canada NCT03365687
9 2019–2020 Respiratory infection Effect of vitamin D supplementation on improvement of pneumonic Children Treatment A single 100,000 IU Active Egypt NCT04244474
10 2013–2023 Autoimmune disease Efficacy of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) for delaying the diagnosis of MS after a clinically isolated syndrome Treatment One 100,000 IU/14 days Active France NCT01817166
11 2018–2020 Autoimmune disease longitudinal effect of vitamin D3 replacement on cognitive performance and MRI markers in multiple sclerosis patients Treatment 50,000 IU weekly Active Lebanon NCT03610139
12 2011–2022 Autoimmune disease Vitamin D and fish oil for autoimmune disease, inflammation and knee pain Prevention, treatment 2000 IU daily Active USA NCT01351805
13 2019–2023 Neurological disorder High-dose vitamin D supplements in older adults Prevention 4000 IU daily Active USA NCT03613116
14 2017–2023 Neurological disorder High-dose vitamin D induction in optic neuritis  Treatment 5 days of 50,000 IU daily, followed by 10,000 IU daily Active USA NCT03302585
15 2016–2020 Neurological disorder Vitamin D deficiency and dysautonomia Prevention Not available Active USA NCT03032328