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Table 1 List of reagents used for cell culture

From: Human induced pluripotent stem cell line banking for the production of rare blood type erythrocytes

Materials Abbreviations Company Catalogue#
Bone morphogenetic proteins 4 BMP4 Peprotech 120-05
Vascular endothelial growth factor VEGF Peprotech 100-20
Wnt3A   Peprotech 315-20
Activin A   Peprotech 120-14E
GSK-3β Inhibitor VIII   Calbiochem 361549
Fibroblast growth factor alpha FGFa Peprotech 100-17A
β-Estradiol   Sigma-Aldrich E2257
Insulin-like growth factor 2 IGF2 Peprotech 100-12
Thrombopoietin TPO Peprotech 300-18
Heparin   StemCell Technologies 07980
3-Isobutyl-1-methylxanthine IBMX Sigma-Aldrich I5879
StemRegenin 1 SR1 Cellagen Technology C7710
Hydrocortisone HC Sigma-Aldrich H0888
Stem cell factor SCF Peprotech 300-07
Interleukin 3 IL-3 Peprotech 200-03
Erythropoietin EPO Stem Cell 02625
Poloxamer 188 P188 Sigma-Aldrich P5556
Transferrin TF Sigma-Aldrich T8158
Insulin   Sigma-Aldrich I3536
Ferric nitrate FN Sigma-Aldrich F8508
Monothioglycerol MTG Sigma-Aldrich M6145
Penicillin–Streptomycin P-S Gibco 15140122
Y-27632   StemCell Technologies 72392
Stemline II hematopoietic stem cell expansion medium   Sigma-Aldrich S0192
mTeSR1 basal medium   StemCell technologies 85851
mTeSR1 5 × Supplement   StemCell technologies 85852
AggreWell EB formation medium   StemCell technologies 05893