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Table 1 PCA component matrix for various cytokines at baseline

From: Cytokine network analysis of immune responses before and after autologous dendritic cell and tumor cell vaccine immunotherapies in a randomized trial

CytokineComponent 1Component 2CytokineComponent 1Component 2
IL13.974− .046IL27.900− .069
IL23.961− .104IL2.898.176
TGFβ1.955− .083B2M.894.135
IL6.946− .037IL12p40.887.178
IL7.945− .100PD1.825− .019
IL12p70.942− .019IL3.804.319
IL15.935− .063IL22.801.336
IL4.934.004IL17.587− .459
IL21.933− .052IL18.401− .053
IL16.925− .091IgG2.105.649
IL8.914− .123IgG3.044.624
IL10.908− .043IgG1− .239.604
IFNγ.908.171IgG4− .211.475
  1. Variables with strong correlative distribution (> 0.5) are in italic