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Table 5 Univariate and multivariate analysis with progression-free survival

From: The effect of smoking on biological change of recurrent breast cancer

ParametersUnivarite analysisMultivarite analysis
Hazard ratio95% CIp valueHazard ratio95% CIp value
Age at operation (years old)
 ≤ 60 vs > 601.8710.716–5.1720.201   
Tumor size (cm)
 ≤ 21.8 vs > 21.81.7080.654–4.7140.274   
Lymph node metastasis
 Negative vs positive2.5030.794–6.7790.110   
Estrogen receptor (ER) of primary tumor
 Negative vs positive0.7530.264–2.6900.631   
Progesterone receptor (PgR) of primary tumor
 Negative vs positive0.2960.555–1.7650.296   
HER2 of primary tumor
 Negative vs positive3.5710.190–20.2700.310   
Ki67 of primary tumor
 ≤ 14% vs > 14%0.7260.276–2.0170.525   
Intrinsic subtype HRBC
 No vs Yes0.5740.198–2.0680.363   
Intrinsic subtype HER2BC
 No vs yes3.5710.190–20.2700.310   
Intrinsic subtype TNBC
 No vs yes1.3940.318–4.3450.618   
Chemotherapy after surgery
Endocrine therapy after surgery
 No vs yes0.6500.240–2.0490.435   
Radiation therapy after surgery
 No vs yes1.3520.429–3.6540.581   
Trastuzumab after surgery
 No vs yes13.7620.680–107.6290.0777.0810.323–67.4560.172
No-treatment after surgery
 No vs yes0.5020.028–2.4860.461   
Age at recurrence (years old)
 ≤ 62 vs > 621.6900.639–4.5570.287   
Recurrence site biopsied
 Local, regional lymph node vs distant metastasis2.2250.347–8.0890.340   
Change of ER in recurrence
 The other vs negative conversion3.2280.503–11.7460.182   
Change of PgR in recurrence
 No change vs negative conversion1.0700.383–2.8270.892   
Change of HER2 in recurrence
 No change vs positive conversion1.4230.324–4.4850.599   
Change of intrinsic subtype in recurrent tumor
 No vs yes3.8891.083–11.2360.0393.6450.910–12.6220.066
Disease free survival
 ≤ 792 vs > 7920.6970.250–1.8520.469   
 No vs yes0.3120.049–1.1090.0750.2730.042–1.0030.051
  1. CI confidence intervals, HER2 human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, HRBC hormone receptor positive breast cancer, HER2BC human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-enriched breast cancer, TNBC triple negative breast cancer