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Table 5 miR expressions in diagnostic ALL samples compared to controls (PB PFP samples, advanced qPCR results)

From: Circulating microRNAs as minimal residual disease biomarkers in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

SubgroupsmiR-128-3p log2FC (adj. p value)miR-181a-5p log2FC (adj. p value)miR-181b-5p log2FC (adj. p value)miR-222-3p log2FC (adj. p value)
Karyotype: hyperdiploid3.39 (7.05*10−4)NSNS2.09 (4.06*10−2)
Karyotype: t(12;21)5.93 (9.59*10−10)2.56 (1.38*10−2)3.84 (2.26*10−4)3.34 (2.21*10−4)
Karyotype: normala4.23 (1.78*10−5)3.45 (5.35*10−4)4.31 (4.73*10−5)2.63 (4.76*10−3)
Whole cohort4.52 (3.48*10−9)2.46 (2.11*10−3)3.46 (4.73*10−5)2.68 (2.15*10−4)
  1. Values in the table indicate the average log2 fold change between cases and controls
  2. NS no significant correlation
  3. aNormal karyotype: no alteration on FISH, DNA index diploid and cytogenetics normal or unsuccessful