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Fig. 3

From: Decreased plasma phospholipid concentrations and increased acid sphingomyelinase activity are accurate biomarkers for community-acquired pneumonia

Fig. 3

Infection with S. aureus leads to downregulation of phospholipids in differentiated THP1 cells and A549 cells. Cells were infected with S. aureus strain SH1000 at an MOI of 25, harvested 2 h post infection, and lipids were then assayed using the same targeted lipidomic assays as for the human plasma samples. Values refer to mean fold concentration change with respect to uninfected cells. Bars = standard error of the mean (n = 3). a Phosphatidylcholines (PC). b Lysophosphatidylcholines (lysoPC). c Sphingomyelins (SM). d Acylcarnitines (AC). A549, adenocarcinoma cell line; THP1, myelomonocytic cell line; dTHP1, differentiated THP1 cells resembling human macrophages

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