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Fig. 6 | Journal of Translational Medicine

Fig. 6

From: Mild hyperthermia by MR-guided focused ultrasound in an ex vivo model of osteolytic bone tumour: optimization of the spatio-temporal control of the delivered temperature

Fig. 6

Numerical simulations of long sonication (480 s), for a bone of 14 mm internal diameter. The time points of the first, second and third column are 240 s, 480 s and 540 s, respectively. The focal point is shifted along the acoustic axis with respect to the centre of the breakthrough by − 7 mm, 7 mm, 0 mm and 0 mm top down respectively. The three first rows illustrate the computational results for a single element transducer (f = 130 mm, d = 120 mm) while the last row correspond to the computational results considering the natural focusing of the phased array (f = 130 mm, d = 120 mm) employed in the experimental study

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