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Fig. 3

From: 90-gene signature assay for tissue origin diagnosis of brain metastases

Fig. 3

Hierarchical clustering analysis of 90 gene expression profiles in 62 brain tumor specimens. Normalized gene expression intensities were shifted to mean = 0, and rescaled to STD = 1 to enhance the expression differences. The average linkage hierarchical clustering method was performed where the metric of similarity was Pearson’s correlation between every pair of samples. The right panel indicates the official symbol of 90 genes and the left panel shows a dendrogram of hierarchical clustering of these genes. Colored pixels capture the magnitude of the expression for each gene, where shades of red and blue represent over-expression and under-expression, respectively, relative to the mean for each gene. The upper panel shows a dendrogram of hierarchical clustering of all samples. The bottom panel shows histological types including primary brain tumor (Brain, purple), breast cancer (Breast, orange), colorectal cancer (CRC, blue), cervix cancer (Cervix, yellow), liver cancer (Liver, pink), lung cancer (Lung, green), neuroendocrine tumor (NET-Lung, gold) and misclassified BMs (Lung-mis, red)

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