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Table 2 Microsatellite markers that map close to the genes involved in PRLTS

From: Perrault syndrome with neurological features in a compound heterozygote for two TWNK mutations: overlap of TWNK-related recessive disorders

Gene Microsatellite markers
HSD17B4 D5S404, D5S494, D5S471, D5S503
HARS2 D5S2116, D5S658, D5S2010
CLPP D19S1034, D19S427, D19S406, D19S873
LARS2 D3S3624, D3S3582, D3S1581
TWNK D10S192, D10S1265, D10S1697
ERAL1 D17S1878, D17S925, D17S1873