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Table 2 Means and standard deviations for PA levels measured by self-report (METS) and pedometer (Steps) for the PA program and lifestyle groups in study 1

From: A mixed-methods evaluation of a community physical activity program for breast cancer survivors

  Group METSa
mean (SD)
Effect size (d) Stepsb
mean (SD)
Effect size (d)
Baseline PA program 3663 (3064) 0.14 7326 (2343) 0.71
Lifestyle 3026 (2182) 5375 (3133)
12-weeks PA program 3306 (2160) 0.23 6335 (1370) 0.28
Lifestyle 2578 (1740) 5674 (3069)
  1. aMETS = metabolic equivalents for physical activity
  2. bSteps are per day on average over the week, rounded to closest step. For step counts, there were 8 women in the PA program group and 11 women in the lifestyle group who complied with wearing the pedometer and who are included in the analysis