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Fig. 1

From: A possible role for mitochondrial-derived peptides humanin and MOTS-c in patients with Q fever fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome

Fig. 1

Principal-component analysis of top 500 varying genes. Principal component analysis of RNA sequencing data obtained from the top 500 varying genes in unstimulated, circulating monocytes of healthy controls (n = 10), CFS patients (n = 10), QFS patients (n = 10), and asymptomatic Q fever seropositive controls (n = 10), finding no variation between groups (a). The variation that is seen is based on sex (b). Principal Component (PC)1 (x-axis) represents 21% and PC2 (y-axis) represents 17% of total variation in data. PC principal component, CFS chronic fatigue syndrome, QFS Q fever fatigue syndrome, QS (Q fever seropositives), asymptomatic Q fever seropositive controls

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