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Table 3 Overall information of the 6 genes for constructing the prognostic signature

From: A robust six-gene prognostic signature for prediction of both disease-free and overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer

Gene stable ID Gene name Gene type Chromosome Gene start (bp) Gene end (bp)
ENSG00000152527 PLEKHH2 Protein coding 2 43,637,273 43,767,987
ENSG00000136003 ISCU Protein coding 12 108,562,582 108,569,384
ENSG00000079101 CLUL1 Protein coding 18 596,988 650,334
ENSG00000101938 CHRDL1 Protein coding X 110,673,856 110,795,819
ENSG00000124374 PAIP2B Protein coding 2 71,182,739 71,227,083
ENSG00000163814 CDCP1 Protein coding 3 45,082,278 45,146,422