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Fig. 8

From: Spray drying OZ439 nanoparticles to form stable, water-dispersible powders for oral malaria therapy

Fig. 8

Dissolution kinetics of lyophilized OZ439 NP powder after storage in an oven at 50 °C and 75% RH in uncapped vials. Though the powder’s appearance changed radically after 1 day in the oven (see Additional file 1: Figure S1), the dissolution kinetics of encapsulated OZ439 remained largely the same over the course of a week in these conditions. After 1 day (red squares) and 7 days (green triangles) in the oven, OZ439 dissolution kinetic profiles matched those of the powder immediately after lyophilization, both in terms of completeness and shape. In all cases, 60–70% of OZ439 was solubilized, with NPs FeSSIF reaching this plateau faster than NPs in FaSSIF

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