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Table 3 Overview of the main studies that investigate the correlation between vitamin D metabolites and growth in children

From: Vitamin D and growth hormone in children: a review of the current scientific knowledge

Reference Study area, study design Number of patients Vitamin D metabolite considered Correlation between vitamin D metabolites and growth
Sudfeld [85] Tanzania, prospective cohort 581 children born to HIV-uninfected mothers 25(OH)D No effect of vitamin D metabolites on the incidence of stunting or wasting until 6 months of age
Sudfeld [86] Tanzania, prospective cohort 948 uninfected HIV-exposed children 25(OH)D Increased risk of incident wasting during the first 2 years of life in children with values of 25(OH)D < 10 ng/mL
Chowdhury [87] India, prospective cohort 246 children with vitamin D deficiency (aged 6–30 months) 25(OH)D Vitamin D metabolites did not seem to correlate with ponderal/linear growth either at baseline or at follow-up
Andersson [88] Sweden, prospective cohort 249 short prepubertal children (mean age of 8.31 ± 2.46 years) who received GH treatment 25(OH)D 25(OH)D decreased during the first year of GH treatment
Direct correlation between baseline 25(OH)D levels and the height SDS in the 1st year of treatment
No correlation between 25(OH)D variation in the 1st year of treatment and the height SDS in the 1st year of treatment
Ogle [89] Australia, prospective cohort 11 short-statured children (mean age of 9.4 ± 2.3 years) not affected by GHD receiving rGH for 24 weeks 1,25(OH)2D rGH therapy increased 1,25(OH)2D levels