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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria according to the study protocol

From: Saliva molecular inflammatory profiling in female migraine patients responsive to adjunctive cervical non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation: the MOXY Study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Chronic refractory headache disorder according to the International Classification of Headache Disorders ICHD (third edition; beta) Age equal/greater 18 Informed consent (Study, nVNS) Refractory to medical and/or behavioural therapy Medication overuse headache has been ruled out Eligible for vagus nerve stimulation Willingness to a defined follow-up interval Intracranial and cervical pathologies excluded by MR scan Standard medication 4 weeks prior to nVNS and within the entire study period according to the individual’s prescriptions No informed consent Other concomitant neuropsychiatric comorbidity not adequate classified and/or requiring specific diagnosis or treatment Pregnancy Malignancy Previous performed invasive, noninvasive and ablative procedure Not willing to complete pain diary regarding severity and frequency