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Fig. 6

From: High throughput sequencing of T-cell receptor repertoire using dry blood spots

Fig. 6

Comparing uCDR3 discovery between different storage durations (1, 7, 14 and 28 days). The R2 of TCRβ CDR3 sequences was calculated by linear regression between the whole blood and DBS in different storage durations. The R2 of duplicate sequences showed high correlation in whole blood and DBS within different storage durations. The TCR diversities were shown by D50s, Diversity Indexes and tree maps. There was no significant difference in TCR diversity between storage durations. In addition, more than 74% of the top 50 dominant CDR3 clones of whole blood was detected by DBS. These results indicated that TCR uCDR3s of DBS had high correlation with those of whole blood. (R2: coefficient of determination calculated by linear regression; *The percentage of TCR dominant clones from whole blood could be detected from the DBS sample)

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