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Fig. 2

From: Mathematical models of amino acid panel for assisting diagnosis of children acute leukemia

Fig. 2

The heatmap of the Pearson correlation coefficients between each amino acid group. Ala: alanine; Asp: aspartic acid; Glu: glutamic acid; Met: methionine; Phe: phenylalanine; Tyr: tyrosine; Leu: leucine; Trp: tryptophane; Val: valine; Arg: argnine; Cit: citrulline; Gly: glycine; Orn: ornithine; Gln: glutamine; His: histidine; Ser: serine; Thr: threonine; Group: The classification of children (All the children were divided into three groups: AL children, controls and healthy children, so each child had a label. Because we would establish model under supervised learning protocol, we need to evaluate the correlation between every amino acid and each label. The value of each amino acid to Group was higher, which mean the correlation between the amino acid and the diagnosis of AL was closer.)

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