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Table 2 Summary of primary outcomes from selected studies

From: Ovarian function and reproductive outcome after ovarian tissue transplantation: a systematic review

Total number of patients in studySecond transplantationThird transplantationTransplantation siteNumber of patient with therapeutic outcomeOnset of ovarian functionDuration of Ovarian functionFSH below 20 (IU/l)E2 above 100 (pg/ml)Follicular growth(Author, year)
110Right pelvic side wall in peritoneal pocket12.5 monthsNot reported111Dittrich et al. 2008 [15]
100Pouch of peritoneum in the Board ligament13 monthsNot reported111Dittrich et al. 2012 [16]
2000Peritoneal pocket, below the fallopian tube, Pelvic wall, Ovary194 monthsaverage 1.7 years and Ongoing in 13 patient to date of studyND19NDDittrich et al. 2015 [17]
100Ovarian fossa of the right pelvic wall13 monthsNot reported111Muller et al. 2012 [18]
100Right forearm1Not reported7 monthsND11Wølner-Hanssen et al. 2005 [19]
100Ovary14 months5 months ongoing1ND1Burmeister et al. 2013 [20]
100Ovary13 months12 months1ND1Revelli et al. 2013 [21]
100Ovary16 months2 years ongoingNDND1Kiseleva et al. 2015 [22]
100Residual left ovary, right peritoneal bursa and trocar incision14 months4 years111Demeestere et al. 2015 [10]
100Ovary1Not reported4 years ongoingNDND1Ernst et al. 2010 [23]
100Lower abdominal wall12 months5 years1ND1Oktay et al. 2011 [24]
4700Orthotopic site13 monthsNot reportedNDNDNDBiasin et al. 2015 [25]
1400Arm (SC), rectus abdominis muscle32–4 monthsNot reported333Callejo et al. 2001 [26]
300Ovarian cortex33.5–7 months1 years333Donnez et al. 2010 [27]
300Subcutaneous pockets32–4 months91, 61 and 76 weeks ongoing333Fabbri et al. 2014 [28]
1020Peritoneal incision close to the ovary or on decorticated ovaries93.5–7 months9–86 months
17–28 months
65NDJanse et al. 2011 [29]
41111Remaining ovary and into a peritoneal pocket40Not reportedNot reported40NDNDJensen et al. 2015 [30]
540Heterotopic site such as rectus muscle and sheath52–4 months9–84 months111Kim et al. 2012 [31]
5600Ovary1Not reported30 monthsNDND1Meirow et al. 2007 [32]
110Peritoneal pocket, left ovaryNDNot reportedNot reportedNDND1Fabbri et al. 2018 [33]
2000Subcortical tunnels and peritoneum in the ovarian ligaments19Not reportedNot reported1211NDMeirow et al. 2016 [34]
2500Denuded medulla224.5 monthsAll more than 2 years, ½ 6 years, 2 for 8 years22NDNDSilber et al. 2010 [35]
4700Beneath the serosa of fallopian tubesNDNot reportedNot reportedNDND9Suzuki et al. 2015 [36]
16400Remaining ovary2Not reported40 monthsNDNDNDTanbo et al. 2015 [37]
39951Peritoneal pocket191 yearsNot reportedNDNDNDBeckmann et al. 2017 [38]
100Three fragments were placed into the incision in the ovary and nine into the peritoneal pocket13 monthsNot reported111Demeestere et al. 2006 [39]
22510Peritoneal and ovarian sites and orthotopic site. Other peritoneal sites including ovarian bursa and subcutaneous abdominal trocar incision42–5 months1–5 years
3 cases ongoing
4NNImbert et al. 2014 [40]
100Ovarian fossa and broad ligament1Not reportedNot reported111Povoa et al. 2016 [41]
2222Peritoneum of the denuded fallopian tube isthmus1160–130 days3–4 years11NDNDSilber et al. 2015 [11]
  1. SC sub-cutaneous ND none determined