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Fig. 5

From: Dexmedetomidine expands monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells and promotes tumour metastasis after lung cancer surgery

Fig. 5

DEX expands M-MDSC in mice exposed to tumour excision. 1 × 106 LLC cells were injected s.c. into the dorsa of C57BL/6 mice. When tumours were ~ 1500 mm3 in size, 14 days after LLC inoculation, the mice were randomly divided into three groups and treated with PBS (Ctrl), dexmedetomidine (DEX), or dexmedetomidine and yohimbine (DEX + YOH). Then the mice immediately underwent surgical removal of the tumor. The frequency of CD11b+Ly6ClowLy6G+ (G-MDSC) and CD11b+Ly6ChighLy6G (M-MDSC) cells in peripheral blood and lungs were analyzed on days 0, 1, 3 and 7 after surgery by flow cytometry (FCM). a Representative FCM data of G-MDSC and M-MDSC on day 1 after tumor resection are shown. b Frequency of G-MDSC and M-MDSC in peripheral blood and lungs were detected after tumour resection (three mice per group at each time point). Data presented are representative of three replicated experiments. #P < 0.05, *P < 0.01

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