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Fig. 8

From: Diffusion-weighted imaging and diffusion kurtosis imaging for early evaluation of the response to docetaxel in rat epithelial ovarian cancer

Fig. 8

Effect of DTX on tumor apoptosis in rat EOC. On day 0 (a), day 3 (b), day 7 (c), day 14 (d), day 21 (e), apoptosis (A) was evaluated using Annexin V–fluorescein isothiocyanate/PI staining and flow cytometric analysis. Representative flow cytometry results: bottom right quadrant, cells stained primarily by Annexin V (early apoptotic cells); top right quadrant, cells stained by PI and Annexin V (late apoptotic cells); top left quadrant, cells stained primarily by PI (necrotic cells); bottom left quadrant, cells negative for Annexin V and PI. Apoptosis (B) was increased in the sensitive group but showed no remarkable change in the insensitive or control group. From day 7, significant differences were noted in apoptosis in the sensitive vs. control group and in the sensitive vs. insensitive group from day 14. p < 0.05, a: sensitive vs. control; b: sensitive vs. insensitive

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