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Table 1 Cardiac diagnoses for study cohorts

From: A loss-of-function mutation p.T52S in RIPPLY3 is a potential predisposing genetic risk factor for Chinese Han conotruncal heart defect patients without the 22q11.2 deletion/duplication

Diagnosis Number Percentage
TOF 231 37.6
PA + VSD 135 21.9
DORV 115 18.7
TGA 91 14.8
IAA 11 1.8
TA 20 3.3
PTA 12 1.9
Total 615 100
  1. TOF tetralogy of Fallot, PA + VSD pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect; DORV double outlet of right ventricle, TGA transposition of the great arteries, IAA interrupted aortic arch, TA tricuspid atresia, PTA persistent truncus arteriosus