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Table 1 Clinical parameters of the bone marrow donors, the categories based on the International Myeloma Working Group uniform response criteria

From: Improving knowledge on the activation of bone marrow fibroblasts in MGUS and MM disease through the automatic extraction of genes via a nonnegative matrix factorization approach on gene expression profiles

Case Sex aIgIsotype stage  
1-MM F IgA k II A
2-MM M IgG k II A
3-MM M IgM k/IgA k II A
4-MM M IgG \(\lambda\) III A
5-MM M IgG k III A
6-MM M IgG k III A
7-MM M micromolecular k III A
8-MM F IgG k III A
9-MM M IgA \(\lambda\) III A
10-MM M micromolecular k III A
1-MGUS F IgG \(\lambda\)  
2-MGUS M IgG \(\lambda\)  
3-MGUS M IgG \(\lambda\)  
4-MGUS M IgG k  
5-MGUS M IgG k  
6-MGUS M IgA k  
7-MGUS M IgA k  
8-MGUS F IgG \(\lambda\) / IgA \(\lambda\)  
  1. aThe phenotype was investigated with immune-cytochemical staining with anti-k or anti-\(\lambda\) antibody according to the light chain of the M-component