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Fig. 5

From: PBMC fixation and processing for Chromium single-cell RNA sequencing

Fig. 5

Major PBMC subtypes can be identified in fixed sample. a Distribution and the medium numbers of genes and UMI detected per cell in fixed PBMCs from donor DTM-Y. b tSNE projection of the same fixed PBMCs. Cells were grouped into nine clusters. Classification of PBMCs was inferred from the annotation of cluster-specific genes, and based on expression of some well-known markers of immune cell types. Furthermore, subpopulations were detected from fixed PBMCs at a similar proportion to those of live PBMCs from Donor DTM-X (Table 1). c Some marker genes can be detected in fixed sample. In addition, c-Myc gene was also detected in many cells after fixation although it is quite unstable and easily degraded

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