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Table 2 Antibody panel for CyTOF ICS, with metal labels, clones and source

From: Baseline immune profile by CyTOF can predict response to an investigational adjuvanted vaccine in elderly adults

No. Specificity Metal label Clone Source
1 Live/dead In115 In house
2 CD49d Pr141 9F10 Fluidgm
3 CD19 Nd142 HIB19 Fluidgm
4 ICOS Nd143 DX29 Fluidgm
5 CD69 Nd144 FN50 Fluidgm
6 CD4 Nd145 RPA-T4 Fluidgm
7 CD8 Nd146 SK1 Fluidgm
8 CD20 Sm147 2H7 Fluidgm
9 CD57 Nd148 HCD57 In house
10 CD54 Sm149 HA58 In house
11 CD134 (OX-40) Nd150 ACT35 Fluidgm
12 CD107a Eu151 H4A3 Fluidgm
13 TNFα Sm152 Mab11 Fluidgm
14 CD45RA Eu153 HI100 Fluidgm
15 CD3 Sm154 UCHT1 Fluidgm
16 CD28 Gd155 L283 In house
17 CD38 Gd156 HB-7 In house
18 HLA-DR Gd157 G46-6 In house
19 CD33 Gd158 WM53 Fluidgm
20 CD11c Td159 Bu15 Fluidgm
21 CD14 Gd160 M5E2 Fluidgm
22 IFNγ Dy161 4S.B4 In house
23 CD80 Dy162 2D10.4 Fluidgm
24 IL-4 Dy163 MP4-25D2 Fluidgm
25 IL-17 Dy164 N49-653 Fluidgm
26 CD127 Ho165 A019D5 Fluidgm
27 IL-2 Er166 MQ1-17H12 Fluidgm
28 CD27 Er167 L128 Fluidgm
29 CD40L Er168 24–31 Fluidgm
30 CCR7 Tm169 15053 In house
31 PD1 Er170 EH12.1 In house
32 Granzyme B Yb171 GB11 Fluidgm
33 NKG2C Yb172 134591 In house
34 CD25 Yb173 M-A251 In house
35 CD16 Yb174 3G8 In house
36 Perforin Lu175 B-D48 Fluidgm
37 CD56 Yb176 NCAM16.2 Fluidgm
38 DNA1 Ir191 Fluidgm
39 DNA2 Ir193 Fluidgm
40 CD11b Bi209 ICRF44 Fluidgm