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Table 1 Examples of crowdsourcing in the pharma industry

From: Open innovation and external sources of innovation. An opportunity to fuel the R&D pipeline and enhance decision making?

Type of crowdsourcing Example Owner Topics
Mining crowd data Open FDA FDA Access to publicly available FDA data
Web search logs Google trends Google Statistical analyses on health topics
Smart phone applications Flumoji GSK Track flu outbreaks
Active crowdsourcing (pharma-specific platform) Grants4Apps Bayer Electronic health
Grants4Leads Bayer Drug discovery in animal health
Grants4Targets Bayer Target proposals
Open innovation drug discovery Eli Lilly Drug discovery
Molecular modelling
In vitro screening
Drug discovery in animal health
Compound proposals and synthesis
NTD research
Open innovation platform AstraZeneca Drug discovery
Target proposals
Data mining
Preclinical and clinical translational research