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Fig. 1

From: Postprandial increase in serum CA125 as a surrogate biomarker for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Fig. 1

The clinical, metabolic and diagnostic characteristics of increases in postprandial serum CA125. a Disease distribution characteristics of the enrolled patients. b Boxplots for the fasting and postprandial CA125 levels of the five disease groups. c Boxplots for the postprandial CA125 increases of the five disease groups. d Metabolic characteristics of blood glucose, serum insulin and CA125 in the cancer and non-cancer patients. e ROC curves of random, fasting and postprandial CA125 in the study population. f ROC curves of the CA125 increment in the CA125 ≥ 20 U/mL gate and in all patients of the study population (i.e., CA125 ≥ 0 U/mL gate). *Statistical significance (two-sided Student’s t test)

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