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Table 1 List of requirements for a comprehensive data management based on [1]

From: Toolbox for Research, or how to facilitate a central data management in small-scale research projects

No. Requirement
1 Development of a data dictionary (DD) and electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) for data capture
2 Generation and provision of web-based questionnaires in the form of eCRFs for central data collection
3 Separation of personally identifiable information (PII) [5] as well as medical research data (MDAT) including the generation of pseudonyms as early as possible within data processing
4 Separate storage of metadata and pseudonymized MDAT
5 ETL-processes: extraction of relevant data from connected data sources, transformation of the data to a uniform (internal) data format, the enrichment of metadata and the loading of the enriched data into the research data repository
6 Export and transfer of uniform, pseudonymized data in at least one standardized format (e.g. SPSS or SAS) for data analysis and/or quality assurance
7 Ensuring the possibility of authentication (managing users as well as roles and/ or rights) as well as study process and site management