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Table 2 Clinical trials using γδ T cell based cancer immunotherapies

From: Gamma-delta (γδ) T cells: friend or foe in cancer development?

Cell types Diseases Cell sources Number of patients Phase of clinical trail Outcome References
Response (n) RR (%) CBR (%)
Vγ9 Vδ2 T Prostate cancer PBMC 18 I SD:5; PR:3; PD:3; NE:7 27 73 Dieli et al. [50]
γδ T NSCLC PBMC 10 I SD:3; PD:5; NE:2 0 38 Nakajima et al. [91]
Vγ9 Vδ2 T NSCLC PBMC 15 I SD:6; PD:6; NE:3 0 50 Sakamoto et al. [92]
LAK:αβT, γδT, NK Breast cancer PBMC 20 I PR:3; SD:1; PD:6; NE:10 30 40 Noguchi et al. [93]
Vγ9 Vδ2 T Lung cancer, stomach cancer, others PBMC 5 I PD:2; SD:2; NE:1 0 50 Noguchi et al. [93]
Vγ9 Vδ2 T RCC PBMC 12 I SD:7; PD:1; NE:4 0 88 Lang et al. [94]
γδ T RCC PBMC 11 I/II CR:1; SD:5; PD:5 9 55 Kobayashi et al. [95]
Vγ9Vδ2 T CRC PBMC 6 I CR:1; PR:4; NE:1 100 100 Izumi et al. [96]
γδ T NSCLC PBMC 15 I SD:6; PD:6; NE:3 0 50 Kakimi et al. [97]
Vγ9Vδ2 T RCC In vivo expansion 10 I PR:1; SD:6; NE:3 14 100 Bennouna et al. [98]
LAK:αβT, γδT, NK RCC, MM, AML In vivo expansion 21 I/II CR:6; PR:2; PD:12; NE:1 40 40 Kunzmann et al. [103]
LAK:αβT, γδT, NK Advanced hematological malignancies In vivo expansion 4 I CR:3; PD:1 75 75 Wilhelm et al. [99]
Total    147   SD:41; CR:11; PR:13; PD:47; NE:33 21 57  
  1. PBMC peripheral blood mononuclear cell, LAK lymphokine activated killer cell, NSCLC non-small cell lung carcinoma, RCC renal cell carcinoma, MM multiple myeloma, AML acute myelocytic leukemia, CR complete response, PR partial response, SD stable disease, PD progressive disease, NE not evaluable, RR response rate, RR = (CR + PR)/number of evaluable patients, CBR clinical benefit rate, CBR = (CR + PR + SD)/number of evaluable patients, CRC colorectal cancer