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Table 2 Top pathways and networks based on the differentially expressed probe sets

From: Comprehensive molecular biomarker identification in breast cancer brain metastases

Category BCBM vs. BC intersecting with BCBM vs. prBT BCBM shared with prBT
p-value Overlap (%) Score p-value Overlap (%) Score
Top canonical pathways
Role of BRCA1 in DNA damage response 1.04E−03 7.7     
d-Myo-inositol (1,4,5,6)-tetrakisphosphate biosynthesis 4.12E−03 5.1     
d-Myo-inositol (3,4,5,6)-tetrakisphosphate biosynthesis 4.12E−03 5.1     
Estrogen-mediated S-phase entry 5.13E−03 12.5     
3-phosphoinositide degradation 6.98E−03 4.7     
EIF2 signaling     3.20E−04 5.7  
Systemic lupus erythematosus signaling     6.10E−03 4.8  
Oxidative phosphorylation     7.43E−03 6.1  
Superoxide radicals degradation     7.94E−03 25.0  
TNFR2 signaling     1.25E−02 10.7  
Top networks related to diseases and functions
Cell cycle, DNA replication, recombination, and repair, cellular assembly and organization    44    
Connective tissue disorders, developmental disorder, gastrointestinal disease    39    
Cellular assembly and organization, inflammatory disease, inflammatory response    37    
Cancer, cell death and survival, organismal injury and abnormalities       51
Hereditary disorder, neurological disease, organismal injury and abnormalities       48
Carbohydrate metabolism, drug metabolism, molecular transport       41