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Fig. 2

From: Ruxolitinib/nilotinib cotreatment inhibits leukemia-propagating cells in Philadelphia chromosome-positive ALL

Fig. 2

Comparative results of gene expression levels and the distribution of genes differentially expressed between the sorted LPCs and other cells fractions in patients with de novo Ph+ALL. a Venn diagram showing the genes detected by RNA-Seq that were differentially expressed between the LPC1 and Other Cell1 fractions (light blue circle), between the LPC2 and Other Cell2 fractions (light red circle), and gene expression profiles common to both groups (intersection). b Scatter plot of differentially expressed genes (left panel, LPC1 vs. Other Cell1; right panel, LPC2 vs. Other Cell2). Red points represent up-regulated genes with fold changes >1.5 and Padj < 0.05. Green points represent down-regulated genes with fold changes <−1.5 and Padj < 0.05. Blue points represent genes that were not significantly different. c The relative mRNA expression levels of BCR/ABL and JAK2 between the LPCs and other cells fractions from the patients with de novo Ph+ALL (N = 6) were analyzed using qRT-PCR assays. d Representative western blots of phospho-JAK2 and GAPDH were shown in the LPCs and other cells fractions sorted from the patients with de novo Ph+ALL

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