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Table 2 Compilation of peptide identification and validations methods

From: Identification of new MUC1 epitopes using HLA-transgenic animals: implication for immunomonitoring

Mouse HLA Peptide Tetramer In vivo kill
Fully human Chimeric
HLA-A*01 is E mflqi Y Neg ND Neg
HLA-A*02 stappvhn V Neg ND Neg
s L sytnpa V 4/6 4/4 Neg
l L ltvlt V 1/6 4/4 Neg
v L vcvlva L Neg ND 4/5
HLA-B*07 a P dnrpa L 11/11 5/5 5/5
HLA-B*27 r R knygqldi F Neg ND Neg
HLA-B*35 f P ardtyhp M Neg ND 8/8
HLA-C*7 difp A rdt Y Neg ND Neg
  1. All pMHC gave above background IFNg-Elispot in an in vitro recall response in at least three independent experiments. For tetramer staining and in vivo kill assay, the number of positive results (number of mice positive/total number of mice analyzed). Anchor residues are in bold
  2. Neg negative results, ND not done