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Fig. 3

From: Establishment of an orthotopic patient-derived xenograft mouse model using uveal melanoma hepatic metastasis

Fig. 3

ah Two representative examples of the histopathological and radiological features of the uveal melanoma PDX models. a, c Laparotomy. b, d Macroscopic findings for resected liver, showing left lobe with tumor. e, g Axial imaging on CT. f, h Sagittal imaging on CT. Black arrows indicate patient-derived xenograft tumors. i Correlation between the ratio of Ki67-positive cells in original patient tumors and median tumor volume in first-generation mice bearing the corresponding patient-derived tumors. y = 0.1054x + 0.725, r = 0.836, r2 = 0.699, p < 0.01. Linear scale is converted to logarithmic scale for tumor volume

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