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Table 1 Rate and specificities of the breast cancer molecular subtypes

From: Precision medicine in breast cancer: reality or utopia?

Subtypes Frequency Gene expression Histologic grade level Prognosis
Luminal 60% BC    
 Luminal A   ER+, PR+, HER Low Good
 Luminal B   Low p53 mutation
ER+, PR+, HER2++
High Less favorable
Basal-like (TN) 15–20% ER, PR, HER Often grade III Poor (chemosensitive)
HER2+ 25% HER2++ High More aggressive (anti-HER2 sensitive)
  1. TN triple negative, BC breast cancer, ER estrogen receptor, PR progesterone receptor, HER2 human epidermal receptor 2, HER++ overexpression of HER